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1.cultural insights文化视角

2.learn about the would了解世界

3.a thrilling experience一种令人激动的经历



6.move somebody to tears使…感动落泪

7.get relaxed and entertained得到放松和娱乐


9.has its value有其自己价值


11.scope of knowledge知识面

12.spread knowledge传播知识

13.lasting artistic works永恒的艺术作品


15.break with old customs抛弃传统

16.carry down from generation to generation代代相传

17.advocate the new lifestyle.倡导新的生活方式


19.be different from… 与…不同

20.direct experience直接经验


22.satiate people’s psychological demands满足心理需求

23.attach more importance to… 更重视…

24.spiritual enhancement精神升华

25.a mirror of… 是…的一面镜子



28.contribute to… 有助于…

29.a sense of cool and satisfaction一种惬意的感觉


31.nurture imagination培养想象力


33.an essence of immortality永恒的精髓



36.arouse one’s curiosity about something引发某人对某事的好奇心

37.enrich one’s knowledge丰富某人知识

38.value of knowledge知识的价值

39.cultural differences文化差异性

40.time is fleeting and art is long时光飞逝,艺术永恒

41.cultural diversity文化多元化

42.cultural treasures文化宝藏

43.cross-cultural communication跨文化交流

44.cultural reconstruction文化重建

45.spiritual civilization精神文明


47.achievements of art艺术成就

48.tear down拆除

49.humane historical sites人文历史遗址

50.preserve the cultural relics保护文化遗产



53.high-rise office buildings高层写字楼

54.city construction城市建设



57.visual enjoyment视觉享受

58.driving force驱动力



61.architectural industry建筑工业

62.map out制定出

63.city designing城市设计

64.beautify our life美化我们的生活

65.human civilization人类文明

66.cradle of culture文化摇篮

67.mainstream culture主流文化

68.cultural traditions文化传统

69.national pride民族自豪

70.local customs and practices风土人情

71.attract people’s eyes吸引人们的眼球

72.artistic taste艺术品味


74.be closely interrelated with… 与…有密切关系

75.adhere to the tradition坚持传统

76.architectural vandalism破坏建筑行为

77.carry forward… 弘扬…

78.cultural needs文化需求


80.maintain the world peace维护世界和平

81.artistic reflection艺术反映

82.give publicity to… 宣传…


84.cause irreversible damage造成不可逆转的损失

85.national identity and value民族特性和价值观

86.remove prejudice and misunderstanding消除偏见和误解


88.artistic standards艺术水准

89.enjoy great popularity广受欢迎

90.cultural devolution文化退化



The mostimportant thing for government to improve health care is to clean theenvironment.




Do you agree or disagree: The most important thing for government to improve health care is to clean the environment.

As economy advances, the consequences caused by industrial development become starker and various environmental problems cover the whole world. Then comes one of the most serious issues that people’s health is confronted with huge challenges. Surely, a number of solutions have been raised and discussed and as for whether the most important thing for the government to improve health care is to clean the energy, I cast doubt on it.

Undeniably, cleaning the environment is an effective way to ensure people’s health. For instance, if the air pollution can be bridled, there will be fewer chances for citizens living in Beijing or TianJin suffering the respiratory diseases. Besides, citizens in Flint City could drink clean water if the water source was not acidified to erode the pipeline of tap water. However, the threats human beings are faced with do not only come from the environmental problems and the government has to lay more emphasis on the other two areas.

For one thing, the outbreak of viruses that could sparkle off widespread epidemics is a killer to human beings. Reflecting history can help us explore how the devastating viruses tortured human beings and the death toll was astounding. For instance, the once spread of cholera once caused the death of more than a million civilians in Russia and malaria is a kind of serious malady that could cause the death of several hundred thousand in Africa in the past. The good news is those viruses were under control finally after the efforts made by numerous medical experts. However, in recent years, people are still under huge threats of many newly found viruses like Ebola, Zika that still remain highly dangerous and could trigger huge damage to people’s physical health. Even worse, a reported man in America was found dying of Zika virus. Therefore, it is more urgent and indispensable for the government to invest to the development of medical technology.

For another thing, while analyzing the influence factors leading to the sub-health of most city employees, the deficiency in engaging sports can be found as one of the primary contributors. Therefore, there is necessity for the government to build more available sporting facilities nearby the communities for city workers who have to be fully involved in their career and cannot vacate enough time to either go to Gym or farther places for exercises. Take friends around me as an example. Most of them cannot afford to spend time in playing sports, one of who called Jason working as a software engineer can only get off work till 10 o’clock PM. Another friend of mine has to travel across the country for business trips several times a month. The combination of long-term involvement in career and no chance to work out lead to the obesity and the declining immunity. However, if there is a public Gym constructed around my friends’ residency, the possibilities of doing exercises could be higher and the physical conditions could be better. Accordingly, to maintain the physical health of citizens, it is more practical for the government to invest more to the construction of sports infrastructure as far as my friends are concerned.

In a word, even though cleaning environment means a lot to the citizens’ health care, developing medical technology and building sporting facilities can be more related to our health.


With the gradually raised awareness of health, how to improve health care has become an issue of public concern and interest. Many scientists and environmentalists have fully realized the negative impact of environmental deterioration on the public health and propose that the most important thing for government to improve health care is to clean the environment. However, in my eyes, the above viewpoint has oversimplified the complicated situation.

Indeed, a clean environment plays an important role in improving health care, because various environmental pollutions have posed a threat to the public health. To illustrate, the haze occurring in large cities of China has made thousands of people fall victims to respiratory diseases. However, it is a piece of overemphasis to claim that cleaning the environment is the most important way for government to improve health care, because there are other two ways which are equally important.

First of all, developing medical technology is another effective way to improve health care. Given the indisputable fact that there remain many incurable diseases such as cancer and AIDS across the globe, the appropriate technology of treatment and therapy is in great need. As a result, government is supposed to assume the responsibility of making progress in medical techniques, for the sake of curing the serious diseases and thus prolonging the life expectancy. The elemination of SARS in the year of 2003 can be a good case in point. Upon the outbreak of SARS, most cities and provinces in China are affected. Immediately, the government not only assembled a group of medical professionals and excellent experts, but also allocated massive investment in the medical research for vaccine. Unexpectedly, the emergency was perfectly addressed and the same is true of curing other diseases.

Besides that, government should place emphasis on improving the sports infrastructure. As is common sense, governmental support for public sports facilities can create a place for the average people to work out regularly. Obviously, the more exercise people engage in, the stronger their immune system will become. The sound immune system can serve as a shield to resist various diseases, which finally lead to the better health of the public. Take my own experience as an example. In my community, the sports facilities contain nothing but a track in disrepair and a swing for kids. In this case, the residents have nowhere to do sports even though they may be willing to. However, if the local government could invest a sum of money to build new playgrounds and establish Pingpang tables, I bet lots of people will become interested in exercising, thus becoming more physically healthy.

Fatoring what has been discussed above in, we can draw the conclusion that it is an exaggeration to say that the most important thing for government to improve health care is to clean the environment. I firmly recommend that government should attach equal importance to the above three measures in order to improve health care.


Some teenagers took part in kinds of activities, such as musical classes, sports classes and so on, but others only focus on one activity which is important to them. Which idea do you support, please provide ideas and give some examples.


Some believe that young people should do various activities while others believe that they should focus on one activity that is important to them. Which one do you think is better and why?

(A/D) Some teenagers take part in kinds of activities, such as musical classes, sports classes and so on, but others only focus on one activity which is important to them. Which idea do you support?



TS: 参加一项活动的好处:

1 占用时间和精力相对较少,有助于孩子放松,减少压力' 有助于身心健康

2 可以学习的更加专业,对未来发展有帮助

TS: 参加多项活动好:

1. 学到更多技能,有助于全面发展

2. 培养孩子时间管理能力

3. 结交更多朋友

4. 帮助孩子找到自己的兴趣




Under the current educational system, the extracurricular activities designed for students are playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, among parents and teachers, there arises a controversy pertaining whether teenage students should participate in various activities or focus on one activity. Towards such a long-running tug-of-war, I strongly recommend teenagers to engage in more kinds of activities, for the following reasons.

Initially, getting involved in more activities can be conducive to the well-rounded development of students. It is self-evident that different activities can equip participants with various skills and abilities. To illustrate, students attending musical classes can learn how to appreciate the classical works of famous musicians and thus improve their aesthetic capability. Similarly, participating in team sports will help students cultivate a sense of cooperation as well as enhance their leadership. After having obtained the above skills, students definitely can develop in an all-round way, with the result of becoming more competitive than others. In contrast, specializing in only one kind of activity is a totally different picture. In other words, students just foster one particular skill, which is a potential obstacle to their future development. The underlying reason is that the more and more complicated modern life necessitates the acquisition of multiple skills.

Furthermore, taking part in many after-class activities can do a better job in helping students find what they are interested in. Just as a saying goes, interest is the best teacher, which clearly indicates the great role played by interest in all levels of education. The above claim is especially true of teens education, because they are in the puberty, the most rebellious period. Put it in another way, without the drive of their own interest, they are less likely to perform well in any activities required by their teachers. In this case, offering various activities to adolescents undoubtedly can more effectively stimulate their interest and passion. Once they find what they like, they will automatically put more efforts and time in it. However, requiring all teenagers to solely engage in one activities may fail to cater to the interest of the majorities of them.

All in all, we can draw the conclusion that it is a wiser move for students to attend multiple activities, in order to obtain a holistic development and find what they are passionate for.



In their free time, young people (age14-18) spend time taking part in different activities such as music lessons or competitive sports. Some young people devote their time in other kinds of activities. But other young people will spend most of their time focusing on one activity that is important to them. Which approach do you think is better?

The old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” still remains relevant as it did centuries ago. The question of what kind of extra curriculum activities should kids do after school has never failed to attract spotlight. Should they focus on one single activity or is it better for them to devote their time to various activities. Personally, I think it is in the kids’ best interest to get involved in multiple kinds of activities based on the following reasons.

First off, doing various activities makes the kids bored and more extra curriculum activities mean that they enjoy a better chance to try different things and find their real interest. For instance, playing sports all the time will probably drive the kids crazy since they can be very energy consuming and it might lead to injuries in their bones and joints. One’s meat might be others’ poison, indeed nobody really knows what their preference lies in unless they are given the opportunities to do different activities. Actually switching from one activity to another gives the kids the opportunity to explore their real interest and tap their unknown potential. A kid who lacks of flexibility and coordination when doing sport might be talented in playing chess while one who cannot concentrate in the classroom might be very gifted in playing sports. Trying out different activities can help kids to find something they are really interested in and eventually they can develop and build up confidence.

Additionally,students can develop lots of useful skills and release their pressure in life and study if they do different activities. For example, playing group sports can help them to get comfortable teaming up with others and develop cooperation awareness. This kind of experience and awareness can help them get prepared for future jobs since willingness to cooperate and coordinate is regarded as a very valuable quality and working together with others are necessary for the future working environment. Plus, learning music and how to play piano can help someone to develop a taste in music. Music can serve as a source of comfort and love, at the same time it is conducive to release negative emotions like sorrow, depression and even anger.

In conclusion, it is more advisable for kids to do various activities since it helps kids to explore their interest and tap their potential, more importantly it can help kids to develop useful skills and get them prepared for future jobs.


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